Stoler Law



Real Estate Practice

Client Representation


        Owners and investors in acquisition, disposition, leasing and financing of individual and portfolio real estate projections, including apartments, office buildings, hotels, hospitals and nursing homes.


        Attorney role includes business assistance in review and analysis of budgets, cash flow projections and assumptions, financial alternatives, valuation and return to investors, and related legal responsibilities including letters of intent, due diligence, earnest money contracts, lease documents, negotiations, closings and closing documents.

Highlighted Experience


         Acquisition, disposition and financing of apartments: lead attorney for all aspects of transactions; developed and analyzed spreadsheet models for investments, including project cash flows and assumptions, financing alternatives, and return to investors based on capitalization rates.

        Acquisition, disposition and financing of hotels: lead attorney for all aspects of transactions, with additional focus on management contract proposals including understanding of specific hotel accounting issues and relationship to overall transaction.

        Acquisition, disposition and financing of office buildings: lead attorney for all aspects of transactions; developed and utilized spreadsheet models for analysis of investments, including preparation of rent roll, pro forma income statements, financing alternatives, and return to investors based on alternative capitalization rates and net present value analysis.


        Lead attorney for nursing home portfolio: managed legal issues related to thirty (30) nursing homes in the State of Texas, including acquisitions and dispositions, regulatory issues and litigation.


        Acquisitions of real estate portfolios, including debt and equity interests; designed strategy and implementation for hostile take-over of portfolios and related hard assets, including staffing and logistical decisions; created due diligence program and related documentation for acquired interests; reviewed and analyzed financing packages.


        Subdivision land acquisition and developments: lead developer counsel for all aspects of transaction; assisted in review and analysis of development budget, cash flow projections, and sources and uses of funds over life of project.


        Equity investments: lead counsel for equity investor in series of development projects in project development including analysis and structure of related partnership agreements.