Stoler Law



Finance Practice

Client Representation


       Corporate and real estate finance counsel for private and public companies in both loan financings and private equity investments.


        Attorney role includes review and analysis of strategic financial options, related proposals from third parties, commitment letters and consulting advice to client, related negotiation and drafting of applicable loan and equity documents and issuance of Texas legal opinions covering multiple jurisdictions.

Highlighted Experience

         Corporate counsel for multiple oil and gas syndicated credit facilities; responsibilities included review and analysis of commitment letters, related loan documents, advice to general counsel regarding same, and drafting and issuance of legal opinion covering multiple jurisdictions.
        Design of long-term legal and financing model for third party upstream and project finance counterparties and customers utilizing credit enhancement from international reinsurance companies, including negotiation and documentation for related transactions.
        PIPE Transaction for public oil and gas company (private investment in public equity); responsibilities included review of letter of intent and proposed legal documents, negotiation of legal documents and related issues, drafting and issuance of legal opinion.
        Borrower's counsel for multiple real esatate projects; responsibilities included review of bank commitment letters and proposed loan documents, identification of sugggested changes per client's business model and projections, negotiation of loan documents and redrafing of same, and drafting and issuance of legal opinions.