Stoler Law



Dedicated to Client's Success

Focus on Client's Goals 
        Listen to the client and learn the client's short and long term goals, business  plans and strategy, financial position, issues and concerns;  identify the areas to undersand, the information to receive, the questions to ask, and the client business decisions to make, and recognize the client's timing, perspective and priorities.  Provide high-quality input and counsel of significant value to client on a cost-effective basis.

Learn the Business

        Understand the client's business and history, the industry and related market, the business trends and business environment related to the client's current and projected position.

Get All Information & Give Advice
        Obtain and organize all necessary information; analyze business and related legal issues; identify key components and related risks to accomplish client's needs and goals; and provide meaningful attention, insight and advice to assist the client in achieving its objectives.  
Receive the Decisions
        Based on understanding the client' goals, learning the business, receiving and reviewing all necessary information, and giving advice as to the alternative decisions for the client to decide, receive all decisions from the client and prepare, negotiate and finalize all necessary legal documentation.
Team Work 

        Work as a team player with necessary accountants, consultants, financial advisors, investment bankers, brokers, lenders, equity investors, additional lawyers and in-house counsel.
Grow the Business

        Introduce clients to other companies and people who match together for business opportunities.

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